unresolved external symbol

Mat, when I compile and run the source I sent you the other day with
“c:\Program Files\PGI\win32\11.8\bin\pgf95.exe” -Mcuda=cuda4.0,cc11 -Minfo -o mgeno2.exe mgeno2.f90

everything works fine
but when I include
“c:\Program Files\PGI\win32\11.8\bin\pgf95.exe” -ta=nvidia:cuda4.0 -Mcuda=cuda4.0,cc11 -Minfo -o mgeno2.exe mgeno2.f90

I get unresolved external symbol. Ive tried it on a few other files and the same thing occurs.

When the main file contains some pragmas to create accelorator kernels and the file has a kernel and the -ta=nvidia… and the -Mcuda=…is on the compile line it creates that error.
I know in the previous post you said you can use -ta=nvidia and -Mcuda as long as you include 4.0 since -Mcuda defaults to 3.2 so I have. Im not sure what is causing the error so am not sure where to start changing things (especially since it works perfectly without -ta=…)


Hi Mike,

These look like the same errors from TPR#18202 (See: Problems with !$cuf directive) reported a few days ago. We have a fix in place, unfortunately though, it was not in time for today’s 11.9 release so wont be available till December’s 12.0 release.

The problem has to do with how Win32 symbols are decorated. Hence, a work around would be use a 64-bit Windows, or Linux system.

I do apologize for the error.

Best Regards,

thanks Mat, at least knowing that will stop me keep trying to solve it!