Unspecified crash

Crash means simply downed without any pop-ups like error messages.
dmesg has no clues.
This crash happens at the random conditions, happened at idle time, sometimes just after login.
On the contrary to this, no problem during stress test.

Where to debug in this case?

  • JetPack 4.4
  • Jetson Nano developer kit 4GB
  • active fan


hello MtHiker,

may I know what’s your use-case, what’s the scenario, how you generate a crash issue?

Hello Jerry,

Not specific scenario, it happens at the idle time as well.
Last night I did CPU stress test for 16 hours, with an another microSD image.
Nothing happens until now.
I guess that this happening might be related to microSD image, it differs from the download center image a little.


Hi Jerry,
Would you let me know what’s wrong in the ‘last’ command log?
During the last log, some reboot and crash shows very strange time info.

hello MtHiker,

so this failure is not shown with Jetson Nano Developer Kit SD Card Image.
could you please also share what’s the difference here?

last commands show a list of last logged in users, it looks strange you’re having reboot and shutdown there.

Hi Jerry,

The Jetson nano dev. kit is mounted on the JetRacer which is from waveshare.
Therefore, some kind of drivers are added.

The last command logs are really odd to me. The attached image is from the stable one, not crashed.

hello MtHiker,

please also contact with waveshare for further supports since we don’t seen this before on the Nano developer kits.

Thanks @JerryChang