Unspecified error when building hello world

I am unable to build a solution in Visual Fortran. Following the help file, I created a HelloWorld project and tried to build it, resulting in the error:
Error: The operation could not be completed. Unspecified error

What does this mean? I am running PGI Visual Fortran 2008 with the Visual Studio 2008 shell. I am running WinXP Professional x64 with an Intel Xeon E5430 x64 quad core CPU.

Thanks for any tips!

Hi aloubeau,

We’ve had one other report about this issues (TPR#14955), but unfortunately have not been able to recreate the problem nor understand why it occurs. Although it’s just a basic ‘hello world’ project, can you please zip up your solution directories and send them to trs@pgroup.com? It may or may not help to look over the solution, but it’s a place for us to start.