unspecified launch failure on TX2

Hello, everyone. Recently I have learned Stereo Semi Global Matching by cuda. This code is from the github https://github.com/fixstars/libSGM. It is normal when I run this code on PC (GPU is GTX1050). But there is an error on Nvidia TX2.:

CUDA ERROR #4 (using FilterMedian kernel #2): unspecified launch failure 
stereo_test: /home/nvidia/newlibSGM/libSGM/src/median_filter.cu:31: void sgm::details::median_filter(const uint16_t*, uint16_t*, void*, int, int): Assertionstatus == 0' failed. Aborted (core dumped)`

Even if I delete the FilterMedian kernel, there is “unspecified launch failure” for cudaMemcpy.
And the CUDA_NVCC_FLAGS is set to compute_62 on TX2.

     -O3 -lineinfo
     -gencode arch=compute_62,code=sm_62

What parameters should I set? What configuration parameters should I modify?


Please modify CMakeLists to sm_62 for TX2 GPU architecture:

Here is an example for file CMakeLists.txt on Jetson:


Thank you for your reply. I changed another development board TX2 to test, and the code has run successfully