Unsupported format: 2 when I use ColorCameraProto::ColorSpace::BGR

Hey! Does anyone know why the ColorCameraViewer reports a FAILURE when I use the bgr as colorspace?

An image published by a color (or grayscale) camera

struct ColorCameraProto {

Actual image captured by the camera. The pixel type depends on the type of camera. Most commonly

it could be a single 8-bit integer for a grayscale camera, or a three 8-bit integers for a

color camera.

image @0: ImageProto;

The choices available for color space

enum ColorSpace {
grayscale @0;
rgb @1;
bgr @2;
yuv @3;
rgba @4;

Color space used by the image

colorSpace @1: ColorSpace;

Intrinsic camera parameters

pinhole @2: PinholeProto;
distortion @3: DistortionProto;