Ununtu update left TX1 inaccesible

Hi guys,

I Powered the board and Ubuntu Update manager prompter to update the OS. After update the system starts in X however the USB keyboard, mouse and ethernet are not working any-more making impossible to do anything with the board.

What is the procedure to recover the board ?

Thank you,

Never update an entire distribution through that mechanism (it’s ok to do package update, just don’t change the Ubuntu version)…it doesn’t understand the hardware. You will want to flash the most recent version for your TX1, “L4T R24.2.1”, which provides Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with NVIDIA-specific hardware support (repairing the upgrade attempt is unlikely to be possible).

Assuming your host PC is Ubuntu 14.04 (or in some cases 16.04 works for the Jetson side) you can use JetPack (uses the micro-B USB cable plus wired ethernet):

Or you can just flash with command line using any x86_64 Linux PC. You’d need the driver package plus sample rootfs from here (only requires the micro-B USB cable):

Some flash info is in the documentation from the R24.2.1 page, here is some info for a command line cheat sheet:

If you wish to back up a copy of the current root file system you can clone. See: