UNUSED pin DT file setting

In the DT file, the pin-map is defined in the existing DT file for the UNUSED pin (ex: L19pin: PEX_C6_CLKREQ_N: GPIO3_PAF.02 Input No Enable Disable
) Should I select “unused PEX_L6_CLKREQ_N” for this?

Hi netkerl,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

I’m not clear about what do you mean about “unused”.
Could you help to provide the DT file you are modifying?

I’m using the custom board (my own H/W design board using NVIDIA-provided schematic)
Linux is not ported yet, and I’m preparing Linux porting.

I changed to unused xxx for not using CVM connector pin as following

AO_HV (3.3V Capable) VDDIO_C
D59 CAN0_DOUT CAN0_DOUT GP17_CAN0_DOUT 19.5K +/- 35% z unused_CAN0_DOUT Not Assigned Int PU
F58 CAN0_DIN CAN0_DIN GP18_CAN0_DIN 19.5K +/- 35% z unused_CAN0_DIN Not Assigned Int PD No
H61 CAN1_DOUT CAN1_DOUT GP19_CAN1_DOUT 19.5K +/- 35% z unused_CAN1_DOUT Not Assigned Int PU
B61 CAN1_DIN CAN1_DIN GP20_CAN1_DIN 19.5K +/- 35% z unused_CAN1_DIN Not Assigned Int PD No
E59 GPIO06 CAN0_STB GP21 19.5K +/- 35% pd unused_CAN0_STB Not Assigned Int PD No

If you are developing a custom carrier board for AGX Orin, please just using pinmux spreasheet to configure them or just configure them as GPIO instead of CAN usage (in your case).

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