Unusual Create Crash


I had a rather unusual Create crash today - I had two instances of it open and while I was using chrome I got some strange flickering on my display and then a driver error popup being spammed on my screen. This coincided with Create crashing.

What’s also strange is that - unlike a normal crash - the process is still active in my taskbar but just previews as a white box and does nothing when I try to pull it up on my screen

This has never happened before and I imagine it isn’t very common - just figured it might be helpful to report. Here are my two most recent log files, because I had two instances of create open:

kit_20210928_181915.log (913.4 KB)
kit_20210928_161131.log (3.5 MB)

If there’s any action I can take to prevent this in the future please let me know!


Thanks @LMTraina9 for letting us know about this. I have alerted the team of this post.

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