Unzipping a 4 Gb+ dataset on a local machine

Hi there.

Is there a simple, one-off way to unzip a 4 Gb+ dataset on a local machine?

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Do you mean you would like to put same data to each device? If this is the use-case, you can put it in rootfs and clone the image out. And can flash the image to other devices. Please check developer guide:

Jetson Linux Developer Guide
To clone a Jetson device and flash

Hi Dane LLL

What I mean is:
" Links to download the data: train_data, val_data and annotations.
Please unzip the images into the $LOCAL_DATA_DIR directory"
Pre-supposes that I have access to a program on my local machine that can unzip a 25Gb .zip, such as
http://images.cocodataset.org/zips/train2017.zip), [val_data]
I do not have such a program.
Please point me to one.
I do not have cloud storage.

Thank you

7-zip (https://www.7-zip.org) appears to be a good choice as it can handle .zips considerably larger than 25 Gb.

You could perhaps consider adding this information to the text in the notebook.

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Looks like the links are from 3rdparty:
COCO - Common Objects in Context

We don’t have much experience about it. Many thanks for sharing your experience for deploying it on Jetson Nano.

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