[UPDATE 2/25/2021 to include hand pose] Real time human pose estimation on Jetson Nano (22FPS)

Hi @jaybdub et al,
We have converted the OpenPifPaf to run on Jetson Nano using TensorRT and we open-sourced it. Here is the article to our work and Github links:

Also our work is highlighted in OpenPifPaf development team at EPFL University.

Reza - Behalf of our team at Neuralet

@reza2 very cool! Thanks for sharing this :)

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we got good results with NVIDIA Jetson devices, probably this could be shared in NVIDIA developer’s blog so other developers can use it. Let me know if you need any content from our team to promote this.
Here is a sample video: OpenPifPaf Pose Estimation Using TensorRT - YouTube