update an installation

Now that 6.2-4 is out, what is the best way to update my 6.2-3 installation. Previously I had been installing in another directory, then installing the mpich kit and testing. Then I have been renaming my old installation directory, copying over the new installation directory and changing the paths in the mpich scripts. Is there a better way??

The Boeing Company

Hi Bernie,

What you could do is have the “6.2” directory be a symbolic link to the latest version of the compilers. Move your current $PGI/linux86[-64]/6.2 directory to $PGI/linux86[-64]/6.2-3. Next, make a new 6.2-4 directory $PGI/linux86[-64]/6.2-4. Finally, create the symbolic link “ln -s $PGI/linux86[-64]/6.2-4 $PGI/linux86[-64]/6.2” and then install as normal.

We might be able to have the installer optionally use the full version instead of the major version number as the install directory. Would this be useful to you?