Update Jetson Nano from Python Version 3.6.9 to 3.9.7

Hello everyone,

I have the Jetson Nano roboter with the default Python version 3.6.9. Now I want to use on the roboter “YOLOv8” for object detection. However, “YOLOv8” demands a Python version >= 3.7.

Based on this following link/tutorial, I have updated the Python version to 3.9.7.


I could successfully install Python with the version 3.9.7 and I also could run “YOLOv8”.

However, as I executed the default notebooks from Jetbot, the notebooks could not find the Jetbot libraries.

For example in jetbot/notebooks/road_following/data_collection.ipynb:

I am getting this error while executing this notebook:

ImportError: cannot import name 'Robot' from 'jetbot' (unknown location)

What can be missing or what did I wrong while updating the Python version?


By default, jetbot is built with the default Python 3.6 support.
Have you built the package with Python 3.9 instead?



Thank you for your reply! Which script do I need to execute in order to built the jetbot against Python3.9?

I am attempting to update Python 3.6.9 as well

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