Update kernel-dtb partition with OTA

For our custom board I want to update the kernel-dtb partition with OTA. However the nvidia-l4t-kernel-dtbs package only updates files under /boot. It does not flash the kernel-dtb partition. I verified this by flashing my own devicetree to the kernel-dtb partition and then reinstalling the nvidia-l4t-kernel-dtbs package and saw the kernel-dtb partition was not updated with the devicetree from the deb file.

I used OTA to update from Jetpack 4.3 to Jetpack 4.4 DP and saw the kernel-dtb partition had been updated. How is the kernel-dtb partition updated on the TX2 when using OTA to update the system?


The nvidia-l4t-bootloader will update DTB partition. However we would suggest upgrading all L4T packages at once instead of partial upgrade.

Thanks. I will check it out.