Update the TX2 from ubuntu16.04 to ubuntu18.04

Hello everyone, I ran into a problem when running 18.04 TX2. First, let me talk about my needs. I am currently running TX2 of ubuntu16.04, and I hope to be able to upgrade to 18.04. I first did the upgrade method directly using the linux system, which seemed to have failed. So I tried to burn the 18.04 TX2 directly with sdkmanager. It can start normally on the board provided by nvidia, but it doesn’t run on my own carrier board. I can see the log output through serial debugging as shown in the figure.

Some people suggested that I tailor the kernel source code and recompile it for my own carrier board. However, the previous colleague’s cutting operation was lost, and I had no idea about the cutting. Can someone give me some suggestions for upgrading from 16.04 to 18.04?

Until the more recent releases you couldn’t use the Ubuntu apt mechanism to upgrade. The NVIDIA content had not yet been converted to packages. Even so, a custom carrier board (something “not dev kit”) would still make the apt mechanism for update to a new release problematic.

The reason your non-dev kit carrier board does not work is because it needs a different device tree (part of the firmware). Device trees are used to pass arguments to drivers, and in particular anything not “plug-n-play” cannot self-identify, and the driver needs to be told where to find the device, and probably other arguments to the driver as well. When you have a custom carrier board (anything not the development board), then you need to provide the device tree from the manufacturer of the board. Whoever builds the board will have a device tree (or firmware) to take part in flash.