Update to Audio2Face 2022.2.0 not working

2022.2.0 has Nvidia’s Blender for Audio2Face but is not available in Linux. So I am trying to update to 2022.2.0 in Windows 11, but three times now the update has failed after consuming all my daily data plans and reaching 2+ GB of download. When the download reached the seemingly full 3+GB the process shifted to updating Kit, which also failed and wiped out the previous downloaded data. Will someone please fix this faulty download process? Thanks!!

Hello @2fullnesses! According to our documentation, Audio2Face should work in Ubuntu Linux Version 20.04 or newer. If you could share any logs or images of your Linux version not being available or not installing, please share so that I can send that over to the dev team!

For the Win 11 version, if you could please send me a copy of your launcher logs, it would help me figure out why the installation isn’t working the way it should. C:\Users<USERNAME>.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher

Without the logs, it sounds like there might be an issue with the network. Double check that your network settings aren’t blocking your installation. You can also try installing Audio2Face through a command prompt. More info here: Install Create without Launcher

Great, I’ll try these tips and guides.
My understanding is that the latest version of A2F (2022.2.0) is available on Windows, but not on Linux. Is that correct?
I’m using Fedora 37, if that makes a difference.

Audio2Face 2022.2.0 Beta currently supports Linux OS (Recommending Ubuntu 22.04) in addition to Headless mode. More information can be found (Audio2Face Overview — Omniverse Audio2Face documentation) and (Audio2Face 2022.2 Now Available)

Actually, I now remember that the problem is not with A2F 2022.2.0, which is in fact available for Linux. I have that version on Fedora. The problem is that there is no Blender USD version for A2F for Linux, only Windows. For that reason I have been trying to update to Windows A2F 2022.2.0, without success. I’ll continue with the update attempt and send the logs if it fails again.
Otherwise, might it be possible to use the latest Blender USD Branch, which is available for Linux on the Blender Daily Build site? I believe it is being developed by an Nvidia programmer working with Blender. The question would be how to integrate that Blender with Omniverse.

launcher.log (1.8 MB)
The update failed again. Attached is the Launcher Log. The updater did the entire 3.18GB A2F 2022.2.0 download and then resumed the 2GB+ Kit-SDK-Launcher update at 911MB that it failed to complete in a previous update attempt. I had to pause that Kit update last night after my data plan ran out. When I tried today to continue the A2F 2022.2.0 update it did not respond at all to the first time I clicked the update Install button. I waited a minute and clicked Install again and then the update for A2F 2022.2.0 started again from 0GB. This is at least the second time this type of failure occurred. Network is OK on this end. I have been trying this update for more than a month, without success.

The following error notification appeared:

Error occurred during installation of Audio2Face: [3758e942-a934-4448-9362-9b737213e62c] Cannot sign URL for download – FetchError: request to https://api.launcher.omniverse.nvidia.com/app/url?path=https%253A%252F%252Flauncher-prod.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com%252Faudio2face%252F2022.2.0%252Fwindows-x86_64%252F195aa4cbe22bab8b3287bd2f02575554.zip failed, reason: read ECONNRESET

Thank you, I have logged a ticket with our development team to check this out. OM-85027