Update Tree Structure On Device

I have a tree structure whose leaf nodes are C structs that contain a pointer to global memory. A global kernel is to update the addresses of the pointers in the leaf node structures. This kernel is to run only once per application instance to initialize the tree.

I’m getting a compiler error when trying to set the value of the pointer in the lead node structure.

Assertion failure at line 1434 of …/…/be/cg/cgemit.cxx:

Compiler Error in file tmpxft_00000f80_00000000-4.i during Assembly phase:

operand 0 is not a register

Funny thing is, I could have sworn it was compiling and running and then it wasn’t.

Any ideas or suggestions?


my environment - winxp 0.9 cuda

edit - It only compiles in emulation mode

Please post your code here, or file a bug on the registered developer website.