Update Ubuntu on Jetson Xavier NX

Hello Nvidia support team,
I want to ask about updating Ubuntu to 22.04 on Jetson Xavier, as the latest Jetpack supports Ubuntu 20.04. I have already tried to do this, however, after restarting the Jetson after the update, the Jetson couldn’t boot up again from the same SD Card. Therefore, if it is possible to do the update manually, could you give the guidelines, tutorials, or documents on how to do it. Furthermore, is it better to use an SD card or the SSD hard drive when dealing with ROS applications on the Jetson? Thank you.

We haven’t try that, and not suggested. That’s not we current supported.

You can start ffrom SD card as it’s easier, then decide if need to extend to SSD hard drive.

Actually, the reason I wanted to update to Ubuntu 22.04 is to install ROS Rolling, as far as I know, it is supported by Ubuntu 22.04. I am not actually sure about older Ubuntu versions. Therefore, is there a way that I can work on ROS Rolling on Jetson Xavier?.

I would recommend building it from source inside a container in a similar fashion to what we do with the ROS Foxy/Galactic/Humble containers at https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-containers

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