UpdateCheck-Bug on Mac?

Hello there!

I just installed the latest CUDA-Toolkit/Driver on my Mac (rMBP 10,1 ; 10.8.3). I need it for Premiere Pro & After Effects.

Installation went fine and everything runs like hell, BUT:
Everytime I start my Mac, a window pops up - The SysPref Pane vom CUDA, telling me the CUDA-Driver “needs to be updated”. One inch above the Updatebutton says “No newer CUDA-Driver available”…- Yes, I know, everythings up to date!

Even thoug this doesn’t affect any functionality, it’s really annoying! I searched and found some threads about people having the same problem with Lion, but those threads where pretty outdated and there wasn’t a solution for this. Just a guy sayin’ “It’s an IT Problem with the server, we’re workin on it”. Yes, this was nearly 2 years ago…

So my question: If I can’t solve the problem about the wrong update-notification, is there a way to disable it? I am able to check for updates by myself, but want to get rid of this popup when starting the Mac…

Btw.: I looked for it at “Startup Items”, but nope… No CUDA there.

Edit: Version is 5.0.37 for sure…

Thanks in advance and sorry if my english wasn’t that good!