Updated Cuda & Driver: Nvidia Control Panel wont run & 2nd Monitor not discovered

Long time Nvidia GPU user.

PC with Win 10. Upgraded video board to GT 1030 4 weeks ago. System ran fine. Today I installed CUDA 9.1 and driver apparently got updated. Everything got installed, no errors on install. Now 2 problems:
a) Nvidia Control Panel … missing. not in notifiy, not if i right click on desktop. not showing in All Apps list. How can I get it to run ?

b) I have dual monitors. Worked fine until just now. Now only 1 monitor is working – HDMI cabled HP monitor is the one not recognized.

Device Manager has error mark on the GT 1030, says device reported problems code 43.
Previous driver was 382.33; cannot find current driver no.

Pls advise how to make system run right

Reload the driver for your GPU.