Updated Kit Last Night - Machinema Won't Launch

Create still launches, but nothing happens when I click Machine Beta in the launcher now.

Hi @DataJuggler! I will need more information to help troubleshoot this issue. I was not able to reproduce this issue on my end.

I upgraded my version of Kit to 103.1.3, then launched Machinima version 2022.1.3 Beta without any issues.

Do you have any other details that you can share? You can try attaching a copy of your Launcher logs, but I’m not sure if it will log this problem C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher

Have you tried running the Omniverse Cleanup-Tool?

I attached my launcher.log file.

launcher.log (991.3 KB)

I downloaded the Omniverse Cleanup Tool, and as a last resort I might run this, but I don’t use Machinima that often and the clean up tool wants to remove every Omniverse app I have installed and all the connectors. I really don’t want to reinstall everything just for machinima. In the last few days Kit, Audio2Face and View have released an update, so I can wait for the next Machinima update if one is coming.

I will try and uninstall reinstall machinima when I get off work.

Thanks for the reply.


I uninstalled / reinstalled and it launches now.

Not sure what caused it. Sorry to bother you.