Updating Audio2Face Bundle in App cause crash

I tried on a few times to update Audio2Face from the extension window, and it cause the program to crash.

This is on a fresh file.

Hello @dhwoolf!

I was able to reproduce this crash on my computer. Reporting this immediately to the development team!

I am also posting my information here to keep it documented.

  1. Clean Install of Audio2Face version 2022.1.1

  2. Waited for program to load, (noting that both the A2F and A2E TensorRT engines were fully loaded)

  3. Window > Extensions > Searched for “Audio2Face Bundle”

  4. Clicked the green “Update” button

  5. Application Crash
    kit_20220906_085212.log (845.2 KB)

  6. Relaunched A2F

  7. Window > Extensions > Searched for “Audio2Face Bundle”

  8. Clicked the green “Update” button

  9. Application Crash
    kit_20220906_090037.log (633.4 KB)

Hi @dhwoolf ,
The default audio2face.bundle v 103.4.5 is the correct and intended one to use for Audio2face 2022.1.1
Audio2face.bundle v103.4.8 is accidentally included which causes this confusion, but it would contain dependency that is not yet made available in the app.
Is there a particular reason why you need to try update the bundle version manually in Extension Manager?

Not particularly, but it had the green bell, and I thought what I had was out of date.