Updating from DS5.0 to DS5.0.1

Can DS5.0.1 be installed without uninstalling DS5.0 first?

You are using dGPU or Jetson?
if dGPU you can use uninstall.sh to uninstall it first, and install 5.0.1, if on Jetson, you should install by Jetpack, do a fresh installation, except the SDK package, it also depending on other library.

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Thank you very much.

Can’t we install/update all jetpack components (including deepstream) via apt now?

If I run sudo apt search deepstream it shows:

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deepstream-5.0/stable 5.0.1-1 arm64
  Nvidia DeepStreamSDK runtime libraries, development files and samples

So I assume we can just do sudo apt install deepstream to get this new 5.01 version - is that correct?

We are checking internally and once progress will get back to you.

Solved here: How to update deepstream with apt

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Glad to know. thanks.