Updating from VSC++ 2005 to 2008 and consequences


i have updated from VS C++ 2005 to 2008. Then i noticed that just CUDA 2.2 supports VS2008.
Thats why I installed the current drivers cudadriver_2.2_winxp_64_185.85_general.exe, cudatoolkit_2.2_win_64.exe and cudasdk_2.21_win_64.exe on my WindowsXP 64 System+ geforce 8800GTX.

Building my .net project in release cause now a linker error LNK1215:

In the debug mode the project is build, but after starting the debugging, an assert failure occur “_CrtIsValidHeapPointer”, similar to the following post:

Examples of the SDK are running without errors.

Any solution suggetions?

A violoation of:

/Z7, /Zi, /ZI (Debug Information Format) cannot be used with /GL (Whole Program Optimization).

caused an LNK1215 error. (VS C++ 2005 was able to link it.)