Updating my nano

I have an older nano purchased soon after the release. How can I make sure that it is completely up to date? I installed the ethernet patch, I downloaded and flashed a new sd card, I ran apt update and upgrade. Is there a definitive list of other things that should be done?

I was under the impression that the sdkmanager would allow in-place updates to the nano rather than requiring a newly flashed sd image, but I have failed to install the sdkmanager. It says I need some amd64 dependencies when run from the command line.

I browsed several areas in the forum, but it would be nice to have one place with a list?

“sdkmanager” is actually used for flash from a host PC. Once you have installed from JetPack/SDK Manager 4.3+ (4.3 is now the current release), then the usual mechanisms you read about from Ubuntu manuals will do the job. However, you must get the initial 4.3 release in since earlier releases cannot do this.

You can flash an SD card with etcher (or whatever, from any OS) if you have a Development Kit version Nano instead of using SDK Manager, however you’ll lose any changes on your SD card. The same applies to a flash from SDK manager, however. If you need to back up anything, you will need a Linux pc to read the filesystem, or you could back up directly from the Nano to some form of usb storage (external hdd, flash drive, etc).

There isn’t a huge need for SDK Manager anymore, since the OTA updates were introduced in JetPack 4.3. Anything, including DeepStream, can just be "apt install"ed instead from the nano itself, or a chroot/proot of a nano rootfs. As Linuxdev mentions, the usual Ubuntu mechanisms will prompt you when it’s time to install updates, and you can set them up to install automatically if you choose. Hopefully this will make it easier for you if you’re having troubles installing SDK Manager or don’t have access to Linux running on bare metal, which is required for SDK Manager to work properly (all things will not work properly in a VM).

Thanks @linuxdev and @mdegans. I had somehow gotten the wrong impression about the sdk manager and the update process. I appreciate the help.