Updating Pinmux from SD-Card?

I’ve created a custom SD-Card image using jetson-disk-image-creator.sh which I write to an SD-Card and physically install into the NX module. This works great except the Pinmux is ignored.

This is because MB1 (and MB2 and Cboot and all the BCT info) is all loaded from QSPI rather than the SD Card.

I have devices in the field which cannot be booted into recovery mode so the only way I can update them is either through remote login or by replacing the SD-Card.

So, what is the correct process for updating the BCT/pinmux on systems that cannot be booted into recovery mode? I’ve read a bit about creating BUPs–is that the correct way? Is there another to simply flash the replacement BCT & signature?



You can also use jetson-io to modify the kernel dtb pinmux setting. Though it will not change the setting in BCT.

If you want a in-field method to update BCT pinmux, then you have to use the BUP updater.

I wasn’t aware of jetson-io. Thanks.

The BUP method worked perfectly.