Updating the clock frequency in Device tree on jetson nx

Hi Shubhi,

Now the can is up now. And i tried the loop-back coomunication in Jetson xavier NX. Its working but when we try to connect with host pc with CAN transceiver SN65HVD230, First time communication is happening but after sometimes CAN goes to CAN BUS_OFF state.


what else have you connected over the bus?

Nothing else i have connected, only the host pc.

One more thing, Is it possible to edit the kernel dtb and BPMP dtb directly on jetson xavier nx board(target hardware) without help of a local host machine running ubuntu os. If that possible we can download original sdcard image from jetson download center and able to edit the dtb on jetson system. Thank you.

Hi Shubhi,

Any Solution regarding previous message?


Hi aravind,
You cannot edit bpmp dtb on local machine. But for kernel dtb , you can try it out in /boot/.
Are you still getting errors while sending?
Can you paste the logs and CAN stats details for more info?

Hi shubhi,
Actually i am facing multiple issues. The method we followed is downloading the jetson os and all using sdk manager. And then we edited the dtbs in the installed folder in the host pc. Then we run the flash command from tools folder. So i got a .img sd-card image. And then we put that in the sdcard by flashing using etcher. Now i am facing 2 problems:

  1. CAN is working and i can able to communicate. But some times CAN goes to the BUS off state. When we check the CAN status its showing CAN bus off state. Some time CAN goes to Error-passive state from Error-active. And the TX counter is increasing.

  2. After building the jetson using above mentioned method, Now when we run the application its asking for some dependency files ( .so ). But that dependencies and all are include in the sd-card image that we downloaded from Jetson download.

Can you suggest a method that we can able to edit the dtbs without kernel building. Because in kernel we dont want any edit. So how we will get a source which includes all this files including kernel, dtbs and dependency files. And what we need to do to build the image.

Thank you.

hi aravind,
For CAN issue, can you try changing the transceiver. Sometimes, transceiver causes these errors.
For other issues not related to can, can you raise a separate ticket and explain the issue there?