Updating TX1 driver package but not rootfs

Hi, I have TX1 devkit with an L4T R23.2 rootfs that I have spent some time configuring to my liking.

I’d like to try the latest drivers from the newly released L4T 24.1, but I’d like to keep my current rootfs configuration and packages as far as possible, i.e not start from a clean slate install of the new rootfs.

So my question is, can I install the latest driver package, i.e:


onto my current R23.2 installation?

If that’s possible, anything in particular that I need to keep in mind? For example, do I also need to upgrade the kernel to the version that comes with R24.1?

The user space on R24.1 is 64-bit, the user space on R23.2 is 32-bit. There are a lot of differences which go beyond just individual applications…I think this would be difficult and not reliable.

You can clone your existing root file system to restore with later, or you can use the clone of the existing system to build up your sample rootfs on R24.1 before flash (you can have your cake and eat it too!-).

For clone the JTK1 information is mostly correct, here is a bit of information on it:

The actual clone commands for a JTX1 are here:

Keep in mind clones take time to create, and you’d be spending time making sure clone-to-samplerootfs is good…but it’d be a fairly safe path.

Thanks, that’s good to know, and definitively makes up my mind about whether I should upgrade right now or later when I have more time to spare. Cheers.