updating waypoints in websight during runtime.

I’m currently trying to add waypoints to the map during runtime.

I have tried doing the following:

waypoint_map_layer_ =
  ASSERT(waypoint_map_layer_, "Could not find waypoint layer");
  nlohmann::json waypoint;
    double pose[7]={0.3,0,0,1,40,40,0};
    double color[3] = { 255.0, 0.0, 0.0 };
    float radius= 1.0;


This adds a waypoint to the WaypointMapLayer and i can reach the waypoint from other nodes but the websight map does not update until i manually refresh the webpage, and from tests i also need to have sight open before i add the waypoint or else it wont appear until i restart. (This is the reason for getTickCount()>10)

So the question is if there is some way of updating the WaypointMapLayer on websight either from the codelet or on a set interval.

The websight config looks as following:

"websight": {
      "WebsightServer": {
        "port": 3000,
        "assetroot": "external/isaac_assets",
        "ui_config": {
          "windows": {

            "kaka - Global View": {
              "renderer": "2d",
              "dims": {
                "width": 432,
                "height": 548
              "channels": [
                { "name": "kaka/map/occupancy/map" },
                { "name": "kaka/map/restricted_area/polygons" },
                { "name": "kaka/map/waypoints/waypoints" }

Thanks for reporting this issue, there is a bug in the the map layers show call. The timestamp has not been converted properly to seconds.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do on your side to address the problem. You will need to wait for the fix to be released.

ok that’s too bad. thanks for the support.