Upgrade a deployed TX2 from Windows


What would be the best approach to upgrading the TX2 from Windows OS? I can’t use a VM or WSL. The use case is upgrading a deployed TX2.
Obviously the flash script is written in bash and it’s using nvidia binaries to communicate with the TX2 (source code isn’t available).
But can I get at least some functionality?

Would it be possible to write an image (of sorts) to SD card (using windows pc) and then have the TX2 read the SD card and use it to configure itself?
In other words, how much can be done without a host?
I’m assuming DT cannot be changed in this manner?

I know there are some wild solutions using two rootfs partitions and then alternating between the two partitions using uboot.

No, there is no such solution on Windows.

Please find a ubuntu 18.04 host to do this work.

I am not sure what kind of upgrade you want to do. After rel-32.4.3, we have OTA upgrade which can do the jetpack upgrade on the device directly.