Upgrade form l4t 32.5 to l4t 32.7.4

For out project we are using customize carrier board with 2 Xavier AGX.
The Xavier l4t version is 32.5.0, recently we faced the issue of Addition of Manufacturing BOM Components: Hynix DRAM and Western Digital eMMC PCN208560. The way to overcome the issue there is a requirement to upgrade the l4t version including BCT and DVFS upgrade .
My question is if there is an option to update the l4t version over my current xavier boards (using apt upgrade).
If this is possible how can I download all emmc partitions from this golden Xavier and then create a new production image (for mass production) for my customize carrier boards?


so what exactly do you want?
You want to try Debian-based OTA so data won’t be lost during the process?
If that’s the case, then it’s not possible because all of the Debian packages on our APT server are only intended for our official DevKits, but not custom carrier boards.

Maybe you can consider Image-based OTA with the tool for preserving data:

My main goal is to upgrade from l4t 32.5 to l4t 32.7.4 to solve the emmc compatibility.
I want to perform the upgrade without the need to redo all customization process of my carrier board.
When the upgrade process is done I want to update the production process to burn the upgraded l4t.
One method which I was consider was t do it by upgrade l4t from debian-based OTA but from the info it is not possible.
In this case there is another method to perform the upgrade without any full customization?


Yes. Debian-based OTA is anot available for custom boards.

You should be able to do the customization you want by modifying the rootfs before triggering the OTA process, and just make sure operation you do is compatible with 32.7.4:


From what I understand this upgrade will change the BCT, How can I clone my golden to be the new golden unit after the upgrade for partitions which are no belongs to the rootfs such as BCT?


Cloning only the rootfs can be done with flash.sh, whereas we have a separate tool for cloning the entire device, i.e., every single partition, including bootloader, kernel dtb, rootfs, etc, on the device, and it’s available under Linux_for_Tegra/tools/backup_restore/.

From what I understand there is an option to upgrade the SOM using OTA which will update all system partitions and after that to clone this image for production purpose ?
I just would like to know if the upgrade can be done over l4t 32.5?


So you are asking if OTA from 32.5 to 32.7.4 is possible?
Then the answer is YES.

My big question is how to upgrade my customize board from l4t 32.5 to l4t 32.7.4.
This can be split to several steps:
1.How to upgrade l4t 32.5 to l4t 32.7.4 to support Nvidia emmc modification PCN208560.
2.How to backup the upgraded image (rootfs , kernel and etc) to enable mass production of the upgraded image.
3.In this case how can I create mass production package using nvmassflashgen.sh?

The necessary change is included in 32.7.2+, so 32.7.4 is fine.

You can refer to Linux_for_Tegra/README_Massflash.txt for more information, but the logic is that the script will only backup the rootfs, so if you need to customize other things, they should be done in the BSP on your host PC, not by backing up with the script.

So far from what I am understood, there is an options to update the l4t package OTA. This update is is only root fs cloneable for mass production.
But according to Nvidia PCN208560 there is a requirement to upgrade the l4t version including BCT and DVFS. In this case I should customize the BSP on my host computer?
In this case there is a tool from Nvidia to upgrade he BSP on my own PC or should I start from scratch?
If I start from scratch there is any patch to implement the the required modification of PCN208560?


You just download 32.7.4, and the required changes for PCN208560 would be included…

Can you understand what I’m saying here?

That’s I know but there is a way to integrate those changes on my l4t version which is 32.5.0 without download l4t 32.7.4 and than restart the customization process?

please just use 32.7.2+ for PCN208560.

I would like to summarize what I understand:
1.If I would like to update my customization the L4T rootfs I can perform OTA upgrade and after
that clone the new rootfs.
2.To comply with PCN208560 it is not enough to upgrade rootfs only?
3.To comply with PCN208560 I need to upgrade components which are not part of the rootfs and because of that I have to upgrade the BSP on my host PC to l4t>=32.7.2?


Yehonatan Spiegel


Changes for a PCN is usually done in either device trees/MB1 MB2 config, which is not included in rootfs.


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