Upgrade to new version

Dear forum,

I installed the previous 3.0r1 version and I d like to install the newest 3.0r2 for interesting new tools for K1 board.

I need to uninstall the previous 3.0r1 and reinstall from start the 3.0r2 or there is any upgrade tool?


I always just install over the top of my last one and this seems to avoid the need to re-download android SDKs.

Hi ,
Thanks for your advice. Actually the upgrade tools is on going, and I believe this will be released soon. For now, you can just use another folder and if you want to avoid some re-download android SDKs, please copy the tadp_download folder from the former install folder to the new install directory and then try to install the latest TADP.
By the way, you can select the “Custom” Install option to select the components that you are interested in instead install all.
Any more question, please let me know.

OK thanks for info.

However if I prefer a clean installation, deleting all previous version I need to uninstall the previous and reinstall all new component?

In Windows Program and Features I found:

  • NVidia Tegra Profiler System 2
  • Nvidia NSight Tegra 151
  • Nvidia PerHUD ES Tegra

What I need to do? Uninstall this and delete NVPACK folder?


if you like the clean installation, it is better to uninstall these and then delete the NVPACK folder.


Have you any ETA about self update installation?