Upgrade VMWare 6.0 to 6.5 with Nvidia Grid M10


Looking to get information for upgrading from VMWare 6.0 to 6.5.

Are there any known issues with NVIDIA Grid cards stability and operability? Has anyone had any issues with operating M10s in VMWare 6.5?


Any known issues will be in the release notes of the GRID driver bundle for your specific platform. But to my knowledge, there are no show stoppers out there. I’ve deployed GRID on 6.0 and 6.5 platforms, and for the type of VMs I typically work with (large memory), 6.5 is a recommended upgrade due to performance issues with 6.0.



Thanks Ben. What were the performance issues with 6.0 that you have experienced?

The main issue my customer was having was startup times. But this alone can really impact administration and usability of the platform …

With large memory assigned, the VMs take ages to power on from cold boot or shutdown. Restarts are fine as the memory has already been allocated to the VM.

The VMs we were using each had 128GB RAM and took 15 minutes just to power on with a vGPU assigned. Moving to ESXi 6.5, the startup time was reduced to 90 seconds.

When 1 of those VMs is powering on or shutting down, nothing else on that host can start or shutdown until that VM has finished its task. So you have to wait (in our case 15 minutes) before you can do anything else on that host. So with 4 VMs on the host, the start up time was 1hr before the last user was able to log on to the VM. It’s pretty much unusable in a production platform.

VMware recognized the issue and it was resolved with 6.5.