Upgrading 2GB Nano

Hello All,

This might be a little off-topic but could not find an answer elsewhere.
I bought a 2GB nano a while ago to play around and it proved to be “play around” worthy but now it’s impossible to find one and if there is then it’s over $250 which makes no sense.
Assuming I can perform the BGA rework flawlessly can I upgrade its memory and add an EMMC?
If yes then is 4GB and 1600Mhz hardware limit (32bit = 4gb eh?) or can it address bigger or faster chips?
Is 16GB actual limit for addressable EMMC or can I put some crazy 512GB EMMC chip in there?
Also the datasheet states 4x PCIe 2.0 lanes but haven’t seen any custom carrier boards with a breakout. A short explanation would be sweet.

Thanks in advance!

No, it’s not only the BGA work things. I don’t think that can work.
The out of stock issue will be resolved soon. Thanks

Complicated stuff aside (I’m obviously not expecting a soldered chip will just work out of box) would you kindly specify the actual hardware limits of the chip, specifically memory capacity, memory speed and suppoeted EMMC capacity assuming the OS support is on point?

Would you estimate when the devkit stock is available again?


Any updates?

@MtHiker That’s classic nvidia for you, dropping toddler-asking-how-they-were-born grade BS answer and then acting blind like letting us know the specifics of the already obsolete damn piece of toy silicon would infringe their world domination plan.

@delfistyaosani1 ^…^ very impressive. Anyway I hope someone would share their plans to provide devkits again.

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