Upgrading jetson nano 2gb board

I recently bought a jetson nano board from waveshare to upgrade my jetson nano 2gb. My intention is to try out binocular vision even if it’s at a limited capacity.

I got a binocular set of cameras and tried connecting them to the boards two csi ports but it doesn’t seem to recognize one of them.

What I’m looking to find is if whether this is cause of some limitation of the nano 2gb or if it’s the board itself that has a faulty port. Or even if i need to flash the nano with the image of the jetson nano 4gb.

When I connect either one of the cameras to the other port it seems to work just fine, Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Nano 2GB can only work with Nano 2GB SW image.
To put Nano 2GB on Nano carrier board may have problem on peripherial port because of the incompatible device tree, and this use case is not supported and suggested.
You should use Nano module with Nano carrier board to get better experiecne.

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