Upgrading kernel to 5+

AFAIK, we will still use k4.9 for this year.
Please follow up with https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/develop/roadmap

@kayccc I see no mention of a newer kernel version on that roadmap. v4.9 has already cost us thousands of dollars in time trying to get it to work with newer drivers. Nvidia needs to take this seriously and get us a modern kernel, especially given the amount of money we’re going to shell out for the nanos. We will also be investing heavily in xavier nx’s. I have a really hard time spending a lot of money on something with an ancient kernel, then spending money to get drivers to work, and then spending money maintaining the drivers, which are all available upstream in 5.4+. Get with the program.

@jake It might be also worth monitoring upstream kernel patches and simply trying them out (u-boot for nano as well). I’ve noticed 5.9 kernel on kernel.org has a lot of new commits for tegra platform (haven’t tried it myself yet).

In general, I’d expect once 5.9+ upstream kernel in general works (you’d probably have no GPU support) then a 5.9+ kernel / upstream support is imminent.

@skrilax well, no gpu support renders the device an over priced aarch64 device.

We will still use k4.9 for coming release. the upgrades are planned for 2H2021CY.

@skrilax I tried to use this guide and repo with Armbian image https://elinux.org/Jetson/Nano/Upstream . USB ports don’t work and I think that nouveau DRM won’t to start :/ I have display working on llvmpipe

Is this kernel 4.9 version the reason why I seem to be having issues with the latest WiFi 6 cards like the Intel AX200NGW? If so, Linux Kernel version problems like this, as well as any security concerns involved, will make this Jetson hardware very unappealing to me if kernel update support from Nvidia runs at this kind of cadence :(


thumb down, the ancient kernel was not updated for 2 years. just a waste of our time.


This is fairly ridiculous to be honest. If you’re going to track an LTS kernel at least keep it up to date with upstream patches. Mainline’s 4.9 is now 4.9.247 ! and includes almost a year !!! of security and bug fixes now which your kernel is lacking. If you don’t address this then your platform is as good as defunct.

Please see this post - the L4T kernel is updated with each JetPack release including bug fixes, security patches, backports from upstream, ect.

The security bulletins are posted to https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/security/
Additional top-fixed issues are included with the L4T Release Notes.
You can also see the git logs here for patches and backports: http://nv-tegra.nvidia.com/gitweb/?p=linux-4.9.git

Can you give us more information on which version of kernel we can expect for the second half of 2021? The roadmap link doesn’t say about this. We need this info to plan for drivers and device upgrades.

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Any updates on this? Which kernel will you upgrade to?

We are building a battery-powered Jetson TX2-based device which is heavily dependant on WiFi connectivity. Roaming with wpa_supplicant is not exactly issue-free and we would like to replace it with iwd. However, iwd requires linux 4.20+.

Like others that have already replied to this post, we are also interested in what kernel is planned for “2H2021CY”. This is an important feature that we will be using to make our compute platform selection.

Hi! as Announcing Jetson TX2 NX states that jetpack 4.6 is expected to be released in June, can you share what will be the linux kernel version on this release?


Is there information for Kernel 5.x update for tegra for Nano t210 platform.
While implemented applications and libraries of jetpack L4T are suitable on 4GB ram, Kernels >5.0 are a big improvement for compressed ram page swapping.
Even sources for dkms can avoid too much constraint with needed driver modules for actively maintained and supported Kernel’s.
Can you provide an overview, what would not be functional with a booting to OS Kernel 5.x version (considering Jetpack L4T)?

At this point we need Support outside of Ubuntu

Being limited to Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 the libraries in the repositories in certain cases is a pain in the ass to compile more recent versions for example QT 5.15 or QT 6.

If there was some way to run aarchlinux it would be much better for development there you find the latest versions without much trouble and you don’t waste time compiling.

There’s some support in armbian with the latest mainline kernel (but no real GPU support, limited to nouveau).

I know it I have a sdcard with armbian with kernel 5.10 with debian for openmediavault (NAS + Docker manager)
But on the other hand clear when losing vulkan and opengl 4.6 required by some games.

Also the problem of libraries also suffers from the debian/armbian model (Well Ubuntu drinks from that)

Rolling release on aarchlinux support makes it much easier for developers to have the latest version of anything without spending hours compiling or praying that you have all the dependencies to compile any current application.

Many developers are abandoning Ubuntu and Debian because of this “They take time to update” the necessary libraries to compile the latest versions of many apps.

Yeah, lack of GPU support is the main issue for me using 5.10 (or other mainline kernel). Hopefully we’ll see it coming JP 5.0 preview (pretty sure that the driver will be common between Nano & Xavier).