Upgrading latest Ubuntu Bricks Jetson TX2?

I upgraded the Jetson Ubuntu after having just opened my developer kit. After doing the restart. My Jetson boots up with all [OKs] and then gets to a point where it states there’s an unexpected tuple and completely pauses. I noticed it also kills CPU 1 and CPU 2 and now completely halts and I can’t get out of the boot screen with the system locked.

Is there a way to flash or go back? I don’t really know how to flash the system from my pc. I’ve never worked with these standalone systems and have no idea how to revert or go back to a functional state. Any help and updated guides to running this are appreciated. Complete novice to this system.

“Bricked” means it can’t be flashed, but all you have to do is flash. You could clone first if you want to save anything, but it sounds like it is new so flash would be advised anyway. More info on flash at the end…

Trivia: CPU 0 is the first CPU, and CPU 1 and 2 are just Denver cores. They are purposely told to not run except for cases where CPU affinity tells the application to run on those cores. You can easily enable them for general purpose use once it is booting again. At that time you will see in file “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf” an “APPEND” key/value pair. At the end of the “APPEND” just add this with a space delimiter:

What follows assumes a developer kit. Non-dev carrier boards are similar, but have differences.

Flashing is from JetPack/SDK Manager running on an Ubuntu 18.04 PC. The Jetson is put in recovery mode (just hold down the recovery button for a moment as you either apply power or reset power), the micro-B USB cable is connected to the Linux host, and then the flash software does its job. The URL with the different SDKM releases is here (JetPack 4.6 is recommended, and installs L4T R32.6.1…which is Ubuntu 18.04 plus NVIDIA hardware drivers):


Thanks for the help! Also, I assume there’s no way to flash it from Windows?

There is no way to flash from Windows. The flash tool are all on the ubuntu.

And your system probably not yet dead but just stuck and cannot enter the desktop. Try linudev’s suggestion to re-flash the board first.

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