Upgrading self CUDA 7.0

Its been a while since I did any CUDA development.
I last used 7.0
Are there any gotchas that people who have transition to the latest CUDA
suggest I should watch for?
I am not intending to use TensorFlow etc. just traditional parallel GPGPU programming.
Would you recommend learning how to use any of the tools?

Any help or guidance you can give would be most welcome

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CUDA 9 has some breaking API changes, in part even for older architectures. It’s mostly about the new cooperative thread groups feature and new synchronization primitives that go along with it.

In particular you can no longer rely on warp synchronous execution on the new Volta architecture. So you need a new __syncwarp() primitive to ensure thread reconvergence.

It’s advisable to learn about the changes if you plan to execute your software on Volta chips at any point in time.

Many thanks.
I am running on compute level 5.0, so it sounds like I should be ok