UPHY configuration in Jetson AGX Orin module

I am going through the link to understand the UPHY configuration. My requirement is to configure UPHY as MGBE. In the following content taken from the above link, what is mean by CVB?

CVB is carrier board.

Now, I understood the meaning of CVB. I have come across “cvm” in the below folder naming convention. Can you help to undersatnd what is “cvm”.

Nvidia:~/orin/Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/hardware/nvidia/platform/t23x/common/kernel-dts$ tree -L 1
├── t234-common-cvb
├── t234-common-cvm
└── t234-common-modules

3 directories, 0 files

cvm is module.

means SOM module?

Yes, it is module.

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