UPHY2_REFCLK2 connection

I designing a mother board for the Orin AGX.
I’m using the 88x3310 as a 10G Phy.
In your design (DevKit carrier board) the 156.23MHz oscillator is connet to UPHY2_REFCLK2.
88x3310 requier that the 156.25MHz oscillator will be connet to there device.
My question- What to connect to UPHY2_REFCLK2? or leave it not connected?

@Trumany can you comment this question? Thanks

Not sure about your PHY design request. But for Orin MGBE please refer to below figure in Design Guide.

According to the phy I’m using it need an input clock of 156.25Mhz.
Does the Orin needs also clock input?

Yes as you can see in the figure.

I need to drive ir from the same oscillator or separate?

It depends on your PHY design, you should solve that.

For Orin, the clock is necessary.

Thank you for the answer and the fast responde

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