Uploading Models

Can sb confirm if the brain models work with AIAA on Clara 4.1?
clara_pt_brain_mri_segmentation, clara_pt_brain_mri_segmentation_t1c, and clara_pt_fed_learning_brain_tunor_mri_segmentation, all return error when I try to download them from NGC:

“detail”: “AIAA Config Not Found/Provided”

Manual download does not help either.
I’m not sure if it is related, but I do not use the Triton backend.
clara_pt_spleen_ct_segmentation and clara_pt_liver_and_tumor_ct_segmentation were loaded successfully.


It seems you can download and load the liver and spleen models. So the code works and you are now familiar with how AIAA works. this is great !

I think there is an issue you are facing with downloading the other models. please use the NGC website from your personal pc’s browser to download the mmar. This will eliminate any issues with the download

Another this to keep in mind is that the multi channel brain segmentation models don’t support AIAA since they require 4 channels to be opened and aligned which is not easily supported by the AIAA clients. That is use the brain model which has single channel input (clara_pt_brain_mri_segmentation_t1c) but not the (clara_pt_brain_mri_segmentation) unless you want to train then you can use any mmar

Hope that helps

Thank you for your reply, but it did not help.
Following your suggestion I downloaded the clara_pt_brain_mri_segmentation_t1c model from NGC website using my PC’s browser. Maybe the following error provides a better context:
“parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 9”

Sorry to hear that.
I am not sure I understand where you got this error. did you manage to download the mmars and unzip them ? can you verify the content of the mmar as config files, model in the model folder etc?

If not then there is an issue with downloading the files itself

No problem. We (you and I and the community) will solve it eventually!
The content seems to be fine. I tried 3 different ways:

  1. Loading from NGC (the first try that gave me the “detail”: “AIAA Config Not Found/Provided” error)
  2. Downloading the zip file and loading it (“parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 9”)
  3. Downloading the zip file, extracting the content, and loading it (“parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 9”)

I believe it fails to read the config file.