Uploading the Code to Jetson


We want to realize a project with your product “Jetson Nano”. We have a problem transferring our Python code into Jetson Nano.
We can run our code on the Ubuntu terminal. After uploading the code to Jetson Nano and giving a start command, we want it to do everything autonomously.

How can we upload the code to Jetson Nano?



Is there any source that needs compiling like C++ backend?
Jetson is an ARM system and you might need to recompile the source if the binary is built for an x86 desktop.


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Thank you for your answer.

We haven’t been able to upload the code yet. We run a code by simply opening the .py file in the terminal. We don’t know how to integrate the code.

Can we integrate the code, for example, with a user guide or a utility, or by placing it in the subfolders of the /etc … file?



Is your code a pure python implementation?
If yes, you can just copy it to the Jetson after installing all the dependencies.



thank you for the answer

But we do not know where to copy the code, in what format, and how to run it when necessary.

Do you have any guide or video suggestions for this?


This is generally just a Linux question, and is not specific to Jetsons. I mention this because any web search you use for Linux is probably going to give you valid answers, but here are some tips.

When a user logs in, there is a shell script method to auto run something. There is a way to do similar, but only when logging in to the GUI. It isn’t used much, and is probably disabled, but there is a system file “/etc/rc.local” which is a bash script that can run custom software on boot (but if it needs a logged in user or GUI, then it won’t work because it runs before logins). If there is to be some sort of condition checked before running, e.g., making sure networking is up first, then one would normally create a service file and run it as a service (this is part of the systemd software, otherwise known on Ubuntu as init).

Systemd has a bunch of services, and “units” (states) that can be used to know the order of bring up items. The question is what your program needs, e.g., does it run without a user? Does it run for a specific user? Does it run for all users? Does it use a GUI? There is no specific answer without knowing more.

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