UProbes Support for Jetson Kernels

Is there any backport somewhere for uprobe patches to Jetson kernels? Uprobe kernel support is mainlined in v4.10 and latest L4T kernel is based on 4.9. grepping L4T kernel sources reveals that uprobes is not supported:

arch/s390/Kconfig:config ARCH_SUPPORTS_UPROBES
arch/x86/Kconfig:config ARCH_SUPPORTS_UPROBES
arch/powerpc/Kconfig:config ARCH_SUPPORTS_UPROBES
arch/arm/Kconfig:config ARCH_SUPPORTS_UPROBES
arch/mips/Kconfig:      select ARCH_SUPPORTS_UPROBES
arch/mips/Kconfig:config ARCH_SUPPORTS_UPROBES
Documentation/features/debug/uprobes/arch-support.txt:#         Kconfig:       ARCH_SUPPORTS_UPROBES
kernel/trace/Kconfig:   depends on ARCH_SUPPORTS_UPROBES

sadly we don’t have arm64 here…

I wonder if there is any tree or patches hanging around for backporting uprobes support.


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That’s currently not supported.

Bump. Any plans for support? This is a workflow-breaking issue for us.