Upscale Resolution for Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop?

Also, upscaling the resolution for all Adobe apps like After Effects and Premiere would be really revolutionary.

You can take a 20MP into a 40MP. So many photographers and cinematographers would drive the need for Adobe and Nvidia 20x cards through the roof if word got out that it indeed worked being able to go all the way to 100MP or more with Tensor-core AI!! Could also add the ability for people to pay a very small monthly fee through Adobe to use NVIDIA Mainframe AI machines for those who seek even more accurate higher Professional-level MP calculations but not completely outside the scope of those amateur photographers otherwise the influx wouldn’t be as high as it would only target the Superrich in which they don’t need to utilize these services as they can buy their own 50/100/150/200MP+ equipments.

Also, we need to make the custom Premium Lightroom Presets work faster with this new Tensor-core AI technology. It currently runs super slow and disabling GPU support makes it run a bit faster. I’m on a 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra GPU on an X99 i7-2696V3 with 32GB 2133MHz and NVMe.