URDF and RMPflow config files for UR5e with suction end effector

Hello all. I am trying to implement a pick’n place application with the UR5e robot coupled with a short suction end effector through Isaac Sim Python API. However, the RMPflow configuration files (.urdf and .yaml) for robots with an end-effector were defined only for the Franka and UR10 robots. Where can I find the respective configuration files for the UR5e robot with a suction end effector?

I also want to use ur5e, I only found related yaml files and urdf files for ur5e without suction cups, do I need to make changes if I want to add other things?The RMPflow controller.py only found those related to ur10. How are you doing now?

Greetings @xiaoxiao54311
I solved the problem by using the IsaacSim to create my own URDF and RMPflow config files for the UR5e. I also had to adjust the end effector joint so it would take into consideration the size of the gripper.
Here are the files I created. If you want to chenge the distance from the wrist_3-flange, change the xyz attribute of the “ee_suction_joint” joint in the ur5e.urdf file.
config.zip (6.0 KB)

That’s very kind of you.!Thank you so much for sharing.
However, there was a problem when I imported the USD model. The model was invisible and had no skin. In fact, the same problem occurred when I opened the official usd model through “file→open”, probably because the mesh file failed to be linked. Have you ever encountered such a problem? If so, could you tell me how you solved it?
Again, thank you very much!

Hello @xiaoxiao54311 ! How have you been?
I’m sorry for the late response. I’ve been overwhelmed at work lately.
Unfortunately I haven’t encountered such problem. I hardly ever open a file through “file->open”.
Have you tried double clicking in it at the “Content” area of Isaac Sim?
Are you connected to the Nucleus server? If you like, I might be able to send you a local version of the UE5e asset.
I’m sorry for not being of much help.

Good, thanks!
I will try to open the file in “content” module later, hopefully it will work.If it is convenient, you can send ur5e asset to me for my reference.
Wish everything goes well with your work! Anyway, thank you very much!

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