URDF Importer Joint Axes Formulation

When I import a robot URDF the joint coordinate system does not match the URDF. For example when I parse the URDF with revolute joints rotating about the local Z axis the parser recognizes the axis. Then when it is imported and the properties of the joint are viewed the axis is now the local X. This happens for all joints. Is this a default USD formulation or is this something that can be changed when importing from URDF?

EDIT: To clarify, the Body and Actor Axes come in the correct orientations but the joint orientations use a X-axis revolution/prismatic rather than a Z-axis

Have you tried setting the up-vector in the importer configuration?


I have not tried that yet. I was only using the URDF Importer UI to import and did not see an up-vector option. I will try that out.