URDF Importer: make_instanceable option is broken

When we create usd files from urdf’s the reference between the instanceable_meshes and the base usd seems to be broken. (I believe it worked in previous version, but haven’t checked recently.)
The properties of the collision shape of the instanceable_meshes are completely ignored when we load the base usd! We still have some old usd files where this reference works as expected, but cannot generate new ones with the current version of isaac sim (2023.1.1).
Please help :)
Here an example of a concave shape.
step.zip (1.7 KB)

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I’m getting the same error, and it still worked with release 2023.1.0-hotfix.1.

Hi @johannes.pitz - I hope this will help!

Hi @rthaker
Thanks for the reply!

We are aware of this change. (We had to fix the code which loads the converted usd’s.)
However, I am not sure how this relates to the problem I described above.

What do we have to do, to create usd/instanceable_meshes “couples” such that changing, for example, the convex decomposition attributes of the instanceable_meshes takes effect when loading the base usd (either in code, or even in the GUI)?
Currently we open the GUI, open the urdf converter, select the urdf file (e.g. step.zip above), and check create instanceable_meshes.
We open the instanceable_meshes.usd and change the convex decomposition and save the file.
Then we open the base.usd and check the collider. They have not changed!