Urdf not visible in isaac sim

I am trying to import my custom robot arm urdf into isaac sim using load URDF extension. The arm gets imported, I can see the joints and links on the stage but only end points of the robot arm are visible. The urdf works fine in ROS, I checked the paths for the mesh file and texture and everything is in order.
Here is the image of what is seen in isaac sim

Hmm, can you share your URDF description with meshes and textures, all compressed, to test it?
This is my email: aserrano@mondragon.edu

Hi Prateek
Are there any errors or warnings in the terminal output when importing?
Converting meshes to .obj can sometimes help as well.

We are making improvements to our urdf importer for the next release, if you can provide a minimal urdf file + mesh that reproduces the issue that would allow us to add it to our list of validation tests.