URDF sample for NVidia Isaac Sim U10 URDF doesnt work in ROS

In NVidia ISaac Sim >> Isaac Samples >> Import a ur10 via URDF

Your URDF is not standard. First of all for the mesh references you use relative paths like

mesh filename=“…/meshes/ur10_shoulder.obj”

which doesnt work when i tried to run it from RVIZ or Gazebo.

in rviz and gazebo it works by using the package keyword:

mesh filename="package://urdf_preview_pkg
absolute paths dont work in the standard way either.

You guys came with your own parser to support the relative paths but this messes up peoples workflows.

What i need is to be able to see the same URDF in ISAAC Sim, ROS Rviz, Gazebo and even the moveit setup assistant and VSCode URDF previewer.

But if you only support relative paths, and then turn around and dont support the package notation then you shooting me in the foot twice if i want to flow between ROS things and NVidia Isaac things and back again.

@juan.suero , thank you for letting us know. I have filled a feature request for this issue.