[urgent]About difference of 00_video_decode and 02_video_dec_cuda


The difference between the two samples in terms of performance
How helpful is using cuda without copying the memory?

Thank you.

02_video_dec_cuda is to demonstrate CUDA processing:

    /* Get EGLImage from dmabuf fd */
    ctx->egl_image = NvEGLImageFromFd(ctx->egl_display, buffer->planes[0].fd);
    if (ctx->egl_image == NULL)
        fprintf(stderr, "Error while mapping dmabuf fd (0x%X) to EGLImage\n",
        return false;

    /* Map EGLImage to CUDA buffer, and call CUDA kernel to
       draw a 32x32 pixels black box on left-top of each frame */

    /* Destroy EGLImage */
    NvDestroyEGLImage(ctx->egl_display, ctx->egl_image);
    ctx->egl_image = NULL;

This is the only deviation between the two samples.

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