[Urgent] does someone know how to change the rgba image resolution in driveworks sample –camera_multiple_gmsl? Please help!

I am trying to change the rgbaimage resolution in driveworks sample –camera_multiple_gmsl.
My camera resolution is 1920X1208 and i want to change the saved rgba image to 960X600.
I have tried to add
displayImageProperties.width = 960 ;
displayImageProperties.height = 600;
in camera_multiple_gmsl sample code just like below.

dwImageProperties cameraImageProperties;
dwSensorCamera_getImageProperties(&cameraImageProperties, DW_CAMERA_PROCESSED_IMAGE,
dwImageProperties displayImageProperties = cameraImageProperties;
displayImageProperties.pxlFormat = DW_IMAGE_RGBA;
displayImageProperties.planeCount = 1;
displayImageProperties.width = 960 ;
displayImageProperties.height = 600;
// format converter
result = dwImageFormatConverter_initialize(&cameraSensor[csiPort].yuv2rgba, &cameraImageProperties,
&displayImageProperties, sdk);
if (result != DW_SUCCESS) {
std::cerr << "Cannot create pixel format converter : yuv->rgba" <<
dwGetStatusName(result) << std::endl;
g_run = false;

I also print out the image size before and after the yuv2rgba format convertion. see the code below.

std::cout << "origin size: " << frameNVMyuv->prop.width << "x" << frameNVMyuv->prop.height << std::endl;
result = dwImageFormatConverter_copyConvertNvMedia(frameNVMrgba, frameNVMyuv, yuv2rgba);
if( result != DW_SUCCESS ){
std::cout << "copyConvertNvMedia: " << dwGetStatusName(result) << std::endl;
std::cout << "transfered size: " << frameNVMrgba->prop.width << "x" << frameNVMrgba->prop.height << std::endl;

The output result is below;

origin size: 1920x1208
Driveworks exception thrown: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT: FormatConverter (nvmedia): width output != input
transfered size: 960x604
SCREENSHOT TAKEN to screenshot_0_0_0022.png
SCREENSHOT TAKEN to screenshot_0_1_0022.png

[b]It seems that the image width and height actually changed, but when I use the Takescreenshot function, the images saved were wrong with only 100 Byte which is obviously wrong.

I would really appreciate it if anyone familiar with the driveworks gmsl sample knows how to solve this problem.[/b]

Yes, the issue is reproducible. we are investigating it and will get it back to you asap.

hi,Did you solve this problem?